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100 Languages of Children

Today, children were making airplanes. A lot of airplanes, big & small, long & short, etc. Well, You may feel, “No… They don’t look like airplanes at all… This child doesn’t know how to fold…” But, do you remember the Mock Letters that I talked before? Here, I write it briefly. Mock Letter is one […]

“Fun” vs “Joy”

The founder of Reggio, Loris Mallaguzzi said, “Nothing Without Joy.” He also said that words are living things.  Once the words came out from our mouth, they die. So, he didn’t leave us his words. He was intensive about it. But, he left this sentence, “Nothing Without Joy.” Why? In these 3 words, one word […]

Child Discipline: “Awareness of Word Choice”

In the former post, I talked about how important to chose “I” sentence. Awareness of own judgement, and how to avoid it. This time is awareness of choosing our words, that can cultivate our value. For example, “Kids” vs “Children” They are both used in the schools to point out those young people. Those 2 […]

Child Discipline: “No Judgements by Choosing ‘I’ Sentence.”

No Judgements by Choosing “I” Sentence. Often times, I hear from parents or caregivers, “Oh, he is so naughty!!! What can I do???” Oh… Wait, is it trueth? Many times, when we use the sentences start with “You,” “He/She,” “It,”  we fall down into our judgements. “You don’t understand!” “He is so bad!” “It’s so good!” […]

“Babies Are Made to Fall Down!”

Yesterday, I had a baby class. I wrote this message for their group. So, why not to share here??? … I think I talked many things today! What did we talk…??? 1. Why babies love Peek-a-Boo? Babies’s cognitive stage. Hint for your home environment setting. 2. Positive Discipline Your word Choice. 3. “My baby repeating […]

“Reward System” For Young Children???

I was asked by a mom how I think about “reward system” for young children,  so I share my thought here. First, what’s the “reward system”??? Often times, people use a star chart or sticker chart, and if the child followed a promise (an action or behavior), they get a “star” and if they get 10 stars, they […]

Children are born in the Mindfullness.

I was talking to a mom, who was struggling to deal “terrible 2, 3.” Morning separation, wanting something, asking to hold, etc, the child cries a lot… I’m very sure that every mom in this whole world can visualise this picture in your mind. Yes, this developmental stage is a tough time for parents. Usually, […]