“Babies Are Made to Fall Down!”

Yesterday, I had a baby class. I wrote this message for their group. So, why not to share here???

I think I talked many things today! What did we talk…???

1. Why babies love Peek-a-Boo?
Babies’s cognitive stage.
Hint for your home environment setting.

2. Positive Discipline
Your word Choice.

3. “My baby repeating the same action 100 times!!! Why???”
Investigation of this world system & Self comforting toys

“Is it the same that my baby loves to repeat reading the same book?”
Abstract world

4. What can we do when my child hits somebody???
Knowing child’s developmental stage, Guiding to awareness, positive power use.

5. Communication style with using Lemniscate, ∞.
Accept and Respect.

And, I forgot to talk this one!

6. Children’s body, they are made to fall down.

In the class, I heard somebody said to her baby, “Oh! If you fall down, it’s terrible!”

I might be emphasising too much, but yes, I see many moms worry their babies fall down. Of course, nobody wants your baby to get hurt!!!

But, babies body, actually, recently I’m finding that also young children’s mind, are made to fall down.

First, I think about babies’ bone structure, joint system and its nature. Babies’ bone structure and joint systems are much more flexible. You see many babies, they can bend their body pretty easily. This flexibility helps babies falling down gently. Well, it depends on how they fall down, but…   Also, babies’ bone, they are much softer than older people’s bone. Our bone can brake easily because they are hard. It’s like dropping a ceramic bowel to the floor. Yes, it’s scary. But, babies’ bone are  softer, they are made to help absorbing the impact from falling.

Second point is babies’ hight & weight: Potential Energy and Gravity.  When we go further from the ground, our potential energy becomes bigger. Babies’ hight is much lower when you compared to the grown ups. If parents fall down, their head is falling down from 150~180cm. But, babies’ hight is 70~80cm (16m). So, the potential energy on babies’ hight is at least half or 1/3. It’s much smaller than us. Also, gravity.  Gravity works in between 2 objects, their weight.  Babies’ weight is smaller than grown ups. Babies’ weight is 6~12kg (16m), and our weight is….  a lot.

So, the “falling down,”  it might look the same action as “we fall down” and “my baby fall down,” but the actual experience is really different. Babies’ falling is much safer than adult falling down.

Also, unlike dear, yes, it’s true that human babies were born without knowing how to sit up, how to stand up, how to balance to still standing and how to walk. Just this fact is already telling us that “We need to practice!  So, of course, we need to go through falling down!”  Falling down is not failure.  It’s nature.

Here, if you keep holding babies hand, and the baby never falls down, what will happen?

In Hong Kong, you can see this example many times because not only parents, but also helpers and grand parents hold babies.

As a result, children grow up without knowing how to balance their body, how to protect their body, how to fall down.  Really!  It was really surprise for me to see that children fall down from their face instead of using their arm or hand to protect from the impact. Then, this is really danger because they easily fall down without balance skill, their body structure already passed the “cushion” time, and they don’t know how to use their hands to make “cushion.”

I think this is a really unfortunate situation. Nobody is doing anything wrong. Of course, parents want to protect their babies. Of course! Helpers want to perform their best. Of course! Grand parents want to show their love. It’s all “Of course!!!”

Nobody is doing anything wrong here.

So, even though I see it, I can’t really say anything to those families.


But, you see this result at local school’s playground. If you have time, try to see them playing sport. Really, you can see what I’m talking about…

When you come to Villaggio, I will tell you this.

“Babies are made to fall down!”

Thank you,



*Oh!  Please don’t confuse it!!!  I’m not saying, “Never hold babies’ hand!”  In the life-threatening hazard, of course, you must hold your babies’ hand.  Please hold hand!  But, in the risk-taking space, please let her try. Leave your hands off.

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