• Hundred Languages of Children

    At Villaggio dei Bambini, we recognize children have at least one hundred ways to communicate their thoughts and feelings, and we strive to give them as many opportunities as possible to communicate in any “language” they choose, whether it is the language of musical expression, artistic expression, mathematical, scientific, physical body expression, dance, drawing, writing, verbal, and so on. We also deeply believe in the value of strong and lasting partnerships with parents and community members to help us inform and enrich our program of inquiry.

  • Our Guiding Principles

    1. Children can learn from each other, and that the environment is also a teacher.
    2. Play is how children learn best.
    3. Children are naturally industrious, diligent, capable, inquisitive, curious, nurturing, and helpful.
    4. Children learn best when they determine the topic of inquiry.
    5. Children are willing and able to care for themselves, other people, and the things around them.
    6. School, family, community, and the greater outside environment are all interconnected and influential on children’s lives. Rather than ignore this fact, Villaggio dei Bambini strives to include all these influences in its program of inquiry and exploration so children experience deep connections between themselves and their ecology.
  • Learning from nature, with nature

    It is well established that there are many benefits of having children play in a natural environment, with materials they have collected from nature.  These benefits include:

    • reduce stress
    • reduce obesity
    • reduce anxiety, depression
    • reduce fear, phobias, ADD, and other mental health issues
    • increases creativity
    • increases physical strength
    • increases attention, cooperation, resilience, self-esteem, flexibility
    • improves academic results

    But you don’t have to take our word for it!  Read just a few of hundreds of research articles about about the amazing power of nature play:

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