Welcome to Il Villaggio Dei Bambini

–A Reggio Emilia Inspired Community Experience for Children & Parents!


Il Villaggio Dei Bambini, a cheerful little place for young children nested in a beautiful Lam Tsuen neighborhood, offers part day programs for children age 18m-6y.

Our approach comes from a strong belief of children. They have power. A strong power of learning. They are always/carefully watching and listening. Every moment, young children are developing their understandings from their everyday’s daily life, and they want to express what they are thinking & what they are feeling. His expression, her expression, it might be all different, but it’s all good. We accept our differences, and we respect it. In the learning, the children are the main charactors. Not teacher, nor parents. We are the supporters for children’s learning journey. We observe and listen children and provide safe yet rich, challengeable and developmentally appropriate activities and environment. We want all the people who relate to our children to join this journey, and let’s enjoy children’s precious period of life, together!

“Education is life itself.” John Dewey

Mabo (鍬田昌宏)
Director/Head Teacher of Villaggio Dei Bambini
(自分、福岡・太宰府出身なので、全て日本語で対応できます。 大丈夫です! お気軽に遊びに来てください♪)