It’s “The Taste of Papaya” that represents our philosophy & activities.

Indeed, papaya tree is everywhere around Villaggio that children and we see everyday. Everything that is within children’s eye sight and hands distance, that’s our real environment and materials. Young children are living in the present moment. They are living in here, not “there.” So, we believe that it’s best for young children to use materials that have stronger context for them. That’s why,


I like 木瓜奶 too♪

The encoding process from one dimension (taste) to the other (2D) is the key process for all creativity. Actually, it’s the fundamental process for all kinds of human intelligences. We support Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory too. So, that’s why it’s this drawing,

“The Taste of Papaya.”

* In the summer class, I talked about children’s drawings why it’s important and how to see it. I heard from some mom, it was very useful! Thank you for listening 😁

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“LOVE” 💕

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Yes! “Love” is something we can’t miss!

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