Still Available: Weekend Program, Saturday, Sep 22nd: “Let’s Try GasaGasa!”

Weekend Program: Let’s try “GasaGasa!”

Dates: Saturday, September 22nd.

Time: 9:30am-11:30am

Age: The participant needs to be over 3 years old.

Fee: $150 for each person. So, if it’s two parents with a child, it will be $450.


※The enrolment is limited to a maximum of 6 families.
※If the weather is not suitable, we will cancel this activity.
※Please prepare that you will go into the river. The bottom of the river is slippy, and there might be sharp objects. So, water shoes, Teva or Crocs is recommended. Beach sandal may not hold your body well.

If you would like to join, please contact Mabo by email or Whatapp.

Whatapp: 98553189

“ガサガサ(GasaGasa)” is a Japanese very simple yet very effective fish research technique. The “GasaGasa” is mimicry language. When you make this action as shown as in this photo above, you hear the sound, “ガサガサ (GasaGasa).” It doesn’t hurt fish, and we can enjoy♪

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We will go to the river and try “GasaGasa.”  We would like children and parents to experience the beauty of Hong Kong’s nature through discovering those small creatures hiding in the river.  Basically, we will release the fishes into the water, but depends on the species, it might be nice to bring back to home and add in your fish tank.  At VdB, we prepared a fish tank, so if you really want to keep, you can put your fish into our fish tank. We also prepared Hong Kong fish dictionary, so you can check which fish you got, name your fish, sketch your fish, and feed your fish next time when you visit here. (If they die…, I’m so sorry… but we will use this opportunity for our children to think about departure too.  It’s a part of life and a part of education.)


日時:9月22日(土) 9:30〜11:30

費用:お一人様$150 (大人、子供含む。3歳以下のお子様はご遠慮ください。)



川に入って『ガサガサ』を体験。香港の自然を川に住む小さな生き物達を通して感じてもらいます。 獲った魚は基本的に川へ返しますが、魚種によっては、お家に持って帰って飼うのも素敵だと思います。 園で水槽を用意していますので、お家で飼えない方は、この水槽に魚を入れても構いません。 香港の魚図鑑も用意していますので、どの魚なんだろう?と同定したり、名前を付けたり、魚のスケッチをしたり、次回来た時に餌をあげたりして下さい。(死なせてしまったら、すみません… が、それもまた、教育の一環として使わせて頂きます…)

参加ご希望の方は、 Maboまで、メールもしくは Whatapp にてご連絡下さい。


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