Weekend Special Activity, Collaboration with Forest Cafe & Villaggio Dei Bambini

“Revive the Tree With Our Rainbow!”

Date & Time: October 13th &14th, 12:00-1:00
Host:  Teacher Mabo
Cost: $20/1 water colour bottle
Venue: Forest Cafe (DD19 Lam Kam Road, Tai Po: 大埔林錦公路DD19段)

Because of the typhoon Mangkhut, a lot of Hong Kong trees fell down. It was a great tragedy. It was sad…  But, we are not going to end this experience with “Oh! It was sad…” feeling. We perceive this event as a great opportunity for children and whole this community to think about nature, and a way to support our environment.

I’m hoping that through this activity, it can be the trigger for the participants to enhance their consideration and compassion for the nature.  Also, the colour investment part includes, “discovery, curiosity, exploration, ingenuity, and agility,” so it naturally helps developing children’s STEAM skills.  In addition, it’s not somebody’s colour.  It will be your “own” colour that nobody can make. We help the tree with this “own” colour.  So, this part can increase participants’ self-esteem, which is very important for self-identity development. In the last, this “tree” is not just a “tree.”  It will be “our tree.”  This part can create the participants to feel the sense of belonging to this community, “I’m not alone. We are together.”

Activity Details
Participants can purchase a bottle by $20.  On the table, there are 3 primary water colours, color pallets, and dropper prepared, so the participants can enjoy making secondary and thirdly colours. Or you can stay on the primary colours. When you finish making your own colour, you can move it in the bottle from the colour pallet.  Then, write your name on the bottle and find a place to hang it on the tree.

“Thank you!!!”
Thank you City, the owner of the Forest Cafe, and all the staffs at Forest Cafe.  I’m really appreciate we can run this activity together. Thank you, and let’s enjoy the day♪









感謝Forest Cafe所有員工,可以一起開展這項活動。謝謝您,讓我們享受這一天♪

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