For children


“Feeling Series”
by Trace Moroney



From The World

“The Beginning of Life”

Teacher Mabo:
“I feel this movie has all early childhood education that we have learned in our human history. It’s a good refreshment for people who know already, and it’s a good eye opener for who didn’t know that yet. I actually met some of those educators in this movie. They are the heroes in the modern early childhood education!”


From France


Teacher Mabo:
“I love this movie! It’s a documental film of an experimental class in France, young children, 3y-4y, they do philosophy!!! The young children talk about love, liberty, authority, difference, intelligence… This movie shows children’s capability & their potential, and I feel it’s like condensed fruits of children’s thoughts.”


From India

《Taare Zameen Par/Like Stars on Earth/地球上的星星》

《3 Idiots/三個傻瓜》


From Hong Kong/香港

Little Big Master/五個小孩的校長

Hong Kong has a great movie too! This school is in 元朗, actually, not far away from Villaggio.  Just take 64K, then, you can get there. Oh, just looking this trailer makes me cry…