Thank you for joining our summer class!  It was fun!!!  See you next time!

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“Art in the Life & Nature”

We are very excited to announce our two-week summer program exploring art and how it is reflected in nature and life.

Program Details:

Dates:  July 31 – Aug 11, Monday to Friday, 9:00-12:00. 2 weeks (10 sessions)

Age:, 2 – 6 years old.
* Adult must accompany with the child who is younger than 3 years old.

Fee: $3000/child

※The enrolment is limited to a maximum of 15 children.

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Igor Stravinsky defines art as organised chaos, whilst for Zvi Szir, art is a perception.  Regardless of these different definitions, many early childhood educators believe that art is the most fundamental form of expression of our human intelligence (2006, Howard Gardner). The different kinds of intelligences such as musical-rhythmic and harmonic, visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic and existential can all be connected by the expression of art.

This summer, we will explore how art is reflected in our daily life and nature through children’s natural learning process, “play” and Emergent Curriculum.  Also, during these two weeks we will go on four field trips together so children can get a first hand experience of Hong Kong’s colourful life and beautiful nature!

It will be fun!


If you like to join, please email me!

Thank You 🙂

Director of Villaggio Dei Bambini