Feb 13th, 2017

Morning Free Play Time

Kiara was drawing a guy with rainbow hair.


She explained her story about the rainbow hair man.





Children come to Teacher Mabo and tell him, “Tickle Me!!!” So, he tickles them. Then, they say, “Stop.” Then, teacher Mabo stops.

Ho Wan is asking for “Help!” for his friends. And, Tsumugi rescues Ho Wan. Simple, but effective friendship building, and important social skill development (team work).

Teacher Mabo always tell them, “OH!  You helped Ho Wan! You are good friend with him.” or “That’s a nice way to use your power!” or “That’s team work. When you work together, you can do something great!”  To make sure those things immerse in their minds.

Later, this “Tickle & Stop” becomes “Red Light & Green Light” as one of today’s activities.




Circle & Activity Time

We had new friend joined♪




Our lettuce pot became caterpillar pot, and they are growing bigger and bigger, literally.  So, we did read Hungry Caterpillar, and talked about “Big & Small” “大 & 細.”


Then, making own caterpillar, or exploring paint and colours for younger children.


“Red Light & Green Light”


Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato was ready to pick, so we harvested them


And, at lunch time, we ate them.

Children liked it.


After lunch, we started brushing teeth!


Have a nice day!